This is how logistics works today: Innovative logistics products along the supply chain

FOUR PARX offers integrated supply chain solutions and real estate products along the entire supply chain and value chain. We develop, implement and market commercial properties and logistics properties that provide answers to the most urgent questions of significantly changing market conditions. Still, the ongoing boom in e-commerce seems unbroken.

It is triggered by massive offers and an increasing number of consumers. At the same time people are startled at the presence of CEP service providers. How can this paradox be resolved?

And how can we satisfy the increasing demand for top locations in conurbations? What can we do at all to counter the growing imbalance between space requirements and lack of space with some effective product ideas?

Making the supply chain more sustainable

How can we design supply chains in a way that relieves local authorities, cities and citizens and makes transport more sustainable and thus more eco-friendly? How can we better support new forms of mobility such as electric transport, build sustainable solutions, and bring products closer to consumers?

With our passion for forward-looking logistics concepts and our many years of recognized expertise in real estate development, we are breaking new ground in a changing world. We help production companies, logistics companies and commercial enterprises to overcome the obstacles that arise from the challenges outlined above.

A great deal of flexibility, high scalability

The basis of our offering is standardized product types for all requirements along the logistics supply chains − from top locations in conurbations to the outskirts of cities and directly to the city centers. Our spectrum ranges from FOUR PARX GLOBAL with large, flexible logistics areas in conurbations, to FOUR PARX CONNECT for the mid-sized area segment and revolutionary innovations such as MACH 2, a two-storey commercial property. They also include logistics property near the city centers, top locations on the outskirts provided by FOUR PARX URBAN as well as commercial and logistics concepts, centrally located in the city with FOUR PARX CITY.

The standardization of products results in greater efficiency in development and marketing by scheduling the projects.

The speculative realization of our products, i.e. without pre-letting, is made possible by forward-looking planning and market experience. This approach enables us to make our standardized logistics and commercial properties available to customers more quickly and on time.

With up to 5 billion parcel shipments by 2025, the booming online trade continues to grow steadily. However, with a view to the future, it is important not only to meet the ever-growing demand but it is also vital to answer the requirements of sustainable logistics concepts.

We must critically rethink the development of modern commercial and logistics real estates. Which, at the end of the day, requires a focus on new mobility, efficient energy supply, compact space planning and high flexibility.

This is exactly where FOUR PARX positions itself. With our passion for new thinking, we are determined to further play a leading role as a pioneer and innovator in a changing logistics industry.

FOUR PARX is constantly working on the development of sustainable and ecological concepts. Together with trade associations, green farmers and institutes, we work on models with a focus on “green building” and thus follow current trends. Particularly with the aim of biodiversity, we develop measures at an early stage in order to avoid or compensate for any possible interference with nature, landscape or cityscape to the best of our ability. These include rainwater management, roof greening, percolable solutions, species conservation and the promotion of biodiversity. It also considers noise protection and fine dust binding, evaporative cooling − combined with a focus on improving the urban climate through ecological concepts.

All FOUR PARX products ans projects are developed according to the DGNB Gold Standard (German Sustainable Building Council).

Environmentally efficient logistics along the supply chain

Sustainability and ecology play an increasingly pivotal role in the development and settlement of commercial and logistics properties. Due to the current eco-trend and the strong political influences in the communities and magistrates, the topic has become more and more significant. Four Parx considers sustainability and ecological aspects and actively promotes them in all five standard products. The concrete measures include above all a resource-saving construction process, for example through brownfield use, energy-saving technology, new mobility and sustainable ecological biodiversity concepts.