Warehouses are going to and will have to move closer to the consumer, for the steadily growing e-commerce market is continuing to see massive expansions across the German shipping industry. Creative solutions will become necessary, as the lack of urban space and the associated high costs for the development and use of logistics properties cannot be realized through traditional means alone. FOUR PARX has developed an inner-city “Last Mile Logistics Concept” that will take on this exact challenge.

As a complete city hub concept, this multi-service-provider commercial and logistics development will be a centralized solution for the last mile. The multi-floor property serves CEP service providers as a consolidation and transshipment hub, offering 14,000 sqm of commercial, office and service spaces for small and medium-sized businesses. The CITY has 2,000 sqm of usable space on each of its seven floors, as well as six freight elevators. The basement floor is ready and set for the future of e-mobility, with charging stations for e-bikes, electric cargo bikes and electric cars. Thanks to the contemporary design, the buildings can barely be differentiated from regular office buildings.

Floors: 7
Usable space in building: 14,000 sqm
Usable space per floor: 5 floors with 2,000 sqm each, 2 floors for parking and loading & unloading
Floor loading capacity: 2.5 t/sqm
Cargo elevators: 6 cargo elevators
Headroom: 3 m per floor