The FOUR PARX CONNECT building type is extremely flexible and a product concept for all users in the medium area segment. This improves the possibilities within the supply and value chain for a wide range of logistics companies and commercial enterprises. And we create an offer for a constantly growing demand for rentable space that can be flexibly designed and expanded.

Flexible divisibility and multiple possibilities along the supply and value chain

The basis is a building with 9,000 sqm of hall space, which can be divided into up to six rental areas, each with 1,500 sqm of hall space. Combining the rental areas results in the following rental areas: 3,000 / 4,500 / 6,000 / 7,500 and 9,000 sqm. Two rental areas each are accessed via one of a total of three stairwells. The additional approx. 2,300 sqm of mezzanine space with a depth of 12 m on the upper floor can be flexibly expanded as office and social space. With a hall height of 10.5 m UKB and at least one gate with electro-hydraulic dock leveller per 1,000 m², this building type is suitable for almost all requirements of building use.

The modern design complies with the DGNB Gold Standard and takes sustainable e-mobility into account in all planning. In this segment, too, it was important to us to build sustainably and to combine economy and the environment.    

Floor space / divisible: approx. 9,000 sqm / 6 x 1,500 sqm per rental unit
Office space GF: approx. 750 sqm (125 sqm per rental unit)
Mezzanine space on TF: approx. 2,230 sqm optionally expandable as an office or service area. 12 m deep (approx. 370 sqm per rental unit)
Floor loading capacity: Warehouse 5 t/sqm, mezzanine 500 kg/sqm
Gates: Minimum of 1 gate per 1,000 sqm with electro-hydraulic dock leveler
Height: 10.5 m
Support grid: 24 m wide x 12 m deep
Ground-level gates: 1 gate per rental unit (4.5 m high and 4 m wide)
Modern sprinkler system: FM Global
Sustainable construction: DGNB gold