To meet the anticipated 30-million-sqm floor space demand for logistics purposes by 2025, we have developed a multi-floor logistics property with external loading ramps.

The FOUR PARX MACH 2 can be accessed year-round using two ramps that are heated during winter. Each floor can be accessed independently and has loading docks on the ground floor as well as on the top floor. Trucks of up to 45 t of individual weight can access the top floor simultaneously depending on the number of available gates. Using either the access or exit ramp, vehicles can take the one-way route to the unloading platform on the top floor. This ensures seamless operations 365 days a year. The 6% rise of the ramp can be easily traversed by all trucks. The state-of-the-art construction method corresponds to the DGNB gold standard and takes into account sustainable e-mobility options during all stages of planning.

Floors: 2
Usable space in building: Variable from 30,000 – 150,000 sqm
Usable space per floor: Variable from 15,000 – 75,000 sqm
Mezzanina floor space on TF: Flexible, depending on use space
Floor loading capacity : GF 5 t/sqm, TF 3 t/sqm
Gates: 1 gate per 1,000 sqm with electro-hydraulic dock leveler. Minimum of 1 ground-floor gate per rental unit
Warehouse height GF and TF: Up to 10 m each
Support grid: GF 24 m wide x 12 m deep, TF 12 m wide x 12 m deep
Ground-level gates: 1 per rental unit (4.5 m high and 4.00 m wide)
Access and exit ramp: 2 x heated ramps with 45 t truck use each
Modern sprinkler system: FM Global