Scalable growth on the outskirts of cities

Advantages within last mile processes: the FOUR PARX Urban product category stands for commercial and logistics real estate with the greatest possible flexibility for users on the outskirts of cities. Companies can thus grow with their requirements and their success.

Whether as a parcel center and goods distribution center, service location or craftsman supply center: this modern hall offers a floor space of 1,600 sqm and can be individually divided into 400 sqm of hall space per user. It has everything that urban logistics needs today.

Each rental area has an office module with sanitary facilities. If desired, the mezzanine can also be used as an office or service area. With a hall height of 7 metres UKB and gates at ground level, this commercial property is ideal for small and medium-sized business users who need an area as a service base or, for example, as a workshop for craftsmen.

Flexible logistics properties and commercial properties on the outskirts of the city

This property consistently fits into the 5-product strategy of the integrated FOUR PARX supply chain solutions. The innovative product portfolio offers five standardized concepts for logistics companies and commercial enterprises for all usage requirements along the value chain. These concepts are designed to meet the challenges facing the logistics market as a result of rising user requirements on the one hand and a growing shortage of space on the other.

The need for such innovative logistics concepts and overall concepts is seen by municipalities and industry. They are an important growth factor for the economy and relieve the environment. As a result, city planners are specifically looking for solutions for city logistics that guarantee the quality of supply, relieve the urban infrastructure and make urban freight and goods traffic more economical overall. Both economic and sustainable aspects play a central role. The FOUR PARX URBAN product offers an optimal solution here.

Warehouse space / divided: approx. 1,600 sqm / 4 x 400 sqm per rental unit
Office space GF: approx. 140 sqm
Mezzanine space on TF: approx. 95 sqm per rental unit, optionally expandable as office space
Floor loading capacity: 5 t/sqm
Gates: One ground-level gate per rental unit (4.5 m high and 4 m wide)
Warehouse hight: 7 m
Support grid: 12 m wide x 6 m deep