The Urban Concept

The FOUR PARX URBAN is a commercial and logistics property with the greatest degree of flexibility for its users. Whether as a package and goods distribution center, a service provision location or as a supply hub for handworkers, this state-of-the-art warehouse offers a floor space of 1,600 sqm and can be individually subdivided into 400-sqm units of warehouse space per user. The rental area contains an office module along with a sanitary area. On request, the mezzanine can also be used as an office or as a service area. A ceiling height of 7 m and ground-level gates render this commercial property ideal for small and medium-sized users requiring space for a service base or, for example, as a workshop for handworkers. The property is fully in line with the 5-product strategy of the FOUR PARX supply chain solution.

Warehouse space / divided: ca. 1,600 sqm / 4 x 400 sqm per rental unit
Office space GF: ca. 140 sqm
Mezzanine space on TF: ca. 95 sqm per rental unit, optionally expandable as office space
Floor loading capacity: 5 t/sqm
Gates: One ground-level gate per rental unit (4.5 m high and 4 m wide)
Warehouse hight: 7 m
Support grid: 12 m wide x 6 m deep