FOUR PARX partners and employees have families and belong to a modern and sustainable target group due to the young average age. Since the business group was founded in 2000, partners have paid special attention to sustainability, fairness, humanity, honesty, and respect for nature in their entrepreneurial activities.

Do good and inspire others with it. We all encounter people in our lives who are not as well off as we are. People who are only able to fight off illnesses, get enough food or have a better future through education, for example, through the power of others. The partners and many of FOUR PARX’s employees have made it their mission to donate a portion of their income to these important causes, as well as to work to help people who are in such need. Here are futher details about what we do:

BMX Racing: FOUR PARX has sponsored BMX Racing for years now. In particular, we help top athlete Kay Stindl (link to his profile:

Health and wellbeing is our privilege – especially in a world full of political injustice, poverty, disease, a lack of education, the consequences of climate change and much more. With our motto “THINK TOMORROW – ACT TODAY”, we stand for innovative progress and have made it our goal to pass on some of our success! That’s why FOUR PARX is currently planning a joint event with friends and business partners to support the Mainz Heart Foundation!

The foundation has set itself the goal of reducing the development of cardiovascular diseases through prevention and clinical research.


We start to lay the foundation for our everyday health as early as our childhood! Since it was founded in 2007, the Mainz Heart Foundation, headed by Prof. Thomas Münzel, MD, has been dedicated to this topic, focusing on cardiovascular diseases and their prevention. It is committed to optimizing patient care and ongoing clinical research. In Germany alone, approximately 300,000 people suffer a heart attack each year – 65,000 of them with fatal consequences. This is a serious statistic that once again highlights the importance of preventive health care and research. Promoting these areas not only improves quality of life, but also offers the chance to decisively reduce cases of this type of disease in the long term. With a targeted prevention program, the foundation is already approaching children and young people to teach them about the dangers and risks of such diseases and to actively counteract their spread.

Here at FOUR PARX, we believe in this idea and philosophy! So much so that we decided to pedal hard for the foundation at the Cape Town Cycle Tour! All proceeds from donors and sponsors of FOUR PARX will be donated to the Mainz Heart Foundation.

We would particularly like to thank our friends and business partners for their generous donations.

FOUR PARX supports Basketball macht Schule. “Basketball macht Schule” (“BMS”) is the youth initiative of the  FRAPORT SKYLINERS.  Based on the pillars of exercise, nutrition and integration, we make children in the area a little healthier and open them up to new perspectives.

Over 3000 children take part altogether across 140 weekly school clubs, and there are also nutrition training courses in cooperation with the Sarah Wiener Foundation, day events in schools (School Clinics & Ball Days) and teacher and trainer courses.


The fact that BMX racing, the original discipline, first became an Olympic sport at the 2008 Beijing Olympics is partly down to one of FOUR PARX’s partners, Mr. Francisco-Javier Bähr. For two decades, he has supported this sport as well as the German national team and continues to support individual, young talents on their way to Olympic success.

BMX website >

The Sporthilfe board of trustees is made up of many sports enthusiasts and personalities from the areas of business, politics and society who, as ambassadors of Sporthilfe, are committed to providing financial and non-material support to top German athletes in accordance with the foundation’s purpose. FOUR PARX has been supporting Deutsche Sporthilfe for many years. Francisco-Javier Bähr has also been a trustee for many years and actively supports Deutsche Sporthilfe in this way.

Deutsche Sporthilfe website >

Two friends, Andrea Petkovic and Jonathan “Johnny” Heimes, were once considered exceptional talents in German tennis and dreamed of becoming the best in the world. But they went their separate ways early on. While Andrea rose to the top, Johnny battled cancer and fought for his life. Together, they founded the non-profit initiative DUMUSSTKÄMPFEN! for children with cancer. FOUR PARX has been involved in sponsoring sporting events for many years.


FOUR PARX is involved with JOBLINGE AG on a voluntary basis and as a sponsor. At JOBLINGE, business, government and private individuals come together to support young people with difficult starting conditions.

The goal is to find real job opportunities and integrate sustainably into the labor market and society. The initiative achieves far above-average success for participants through tailored qualifications, volunteer mentoring and support during training – over 70% of young people make the leap into working life.

Joblinge website >

The non-profit organization hopes to plant one trillion trees. They have currently planted over 13.5 billion trees. FOUR PARX had already developed environmental concepts and voluntary compensation measures many years ago, without official requirements. In 2005, FOUR PARX donated approximately 200,000 trees to the organization for the purpose of CO₂ bundling. website >

Health and wellbeing is our privilege – especially in a world full of political injustice, poverty, disease, a lack of education, the consequences of climate change and much more. With our motto “THINK TOMORROW – ACT TODAY”, we stand for innovative progress and have made it our goal to pass on some of our success!

That is why we are donating the 2,500 euros that we received for winning the B24 Brownfield Award Special Prize 2020 for innovative concepts to a good cause: the purchase of a corn mill in the village of Abouzokope. Corn mills are very important in Togo, as corn is one of the staple foods. There used to be a corn mill in the village of Abouzokope up until the summer. Unfortunately, the miller died as a result of polluted water and his sons dismantled the corn mill and moved to Ghana.

With the 2,500 euros, we intend to build a small house and install a corn mill. The corn mill will then be operated and organized by the village community as a cooperative. The villagers would then be able to have their corn milled in the village for little money. The income would be used to pay the miller and as a reserve for any necessary repairs.

Update 04/21

We are glad to report that the corn mill project in Togo is now entirely finished and the mill is ready for the villagers to use. The completion of the project had been delayed by a few weeks as the floor panels needed to be constructed in a more stable way than usual. The strengthened floor panels serve to firmly anchor the corn mill as well as the motor inside it.

The walls of the house were also made of bamboo instead of stone. This allows the air to circulate better around the house, which means that when the corn mill is operated for a longer period of time, it prevents the user from inhaling too much corn dust and poor-quality air.

In addition to reserves for spare parts and maintenance, there is now also a miller who operates and maintains the mill for the community.

FOUR PARX is joining the charity campaign “Logistics on the Move”. The initiative was launched over the past year by Logivest GmbH to collect donations for the Nicolaidis YoungWings Foundation which offers help for young, bereaved people and their children. Many contributors from the logistics sector already donated last year. This year, Four Parx is also taking part in order to build up as many kilometers as possible and do something good from July 1 to September 30. Especially in these times, it is more important than ever to support each other. Every kilometer counts and so Four Parx is also trying to cover a fair distance together.

You can find out more about the “Logistics on the Move” initiative here!

Nicolaidis YoungWings Foundation website >

Click here to find out how many kilometers were covered and how much was donated.

Heavy rainfall has caused indescribable destruction and now thousands of people’s lives have been torn apart as they lose their homes, cars, and possessions. In these times, the whole country has seen firsthand that climate change is not just an abstract phenomenon happening elsewhere.

People in the affected regions have experienced unimaginable suffering that will sadly continue for many years to come. Many donations have already been collected, helpers are assisting with the clean-up work, and the government has promised aid.

We have also been deeply shaken by the events and so we would like to contribute to helping people regain some sense of normality. Therefore, we really want to support the secondary aid effort by organizing a relief campaign with our contacts in the real estate and logistics sector, with which the victims can buy furniture and furnishings. For this purpose, we have opened an account at the Commerzbank. In consultation with regional furniture stores, we want to issue vouchers that will be distributed specifically to those affected via the town halls or the church. Sebastian Krämer, who works for FOUR PARX, lives in the region and will make sure that the aid reaches the right place. Here at FOUR PARX, we are committed to ensuring that 100% of the proceeds from the relief campaign will reach their destination. However, we are unfortunately not allowed to issue donation receipts.

Now we are asking everyone in our logistics and real estate network to lend a hand and share this appeal! Any form of help will be gratefully accepted.

Four Parx Flood Relief
Commerzbank Darmstadt
IBAN: DE81508400050555002501
Please include the following when making your transfer: Help for Flood Victims (YOUR COMPANY)

We will keep you informed about how the campaign progresses.