As one of the most innovative project developers in Germany, FOUR PARX continuously invests in the further development of technology, work environments, igitalization, mobility and sustainability. In doing so, we develop the ideas of tomorrow and bring them to the market today. It is our passion to develop and implement forward-looking solutions and to focus on sustainability, new mobility, efficient energy supply, digitalization, compact space planning and high flexibility.

In our Innovation Center, we work with a team of lateral thinkers on ideas and solutions for tomorrow’s market. We work together with external consultants, chairs, architects, landscape planners, ecologists, designers and many more to discuss relevant future issues. With a focus on attractive work environments for new generations, intelligent greening concepts, measurable compensation measures for CO₂ offsetting, CO₂ neutral energy supply and e-mobility/alternative mobility, we create new ideas and put them to the test. Following successful ecological and economic studies, we then introduce them to the market.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or would like to learn more about our approaches.