Social Sustainability

Ecological Measures and Social Sustainability

FOUR PARX has developed and implemented significant ecological as well as social sustainability measures within the Gross-Gerau RheinMain project.

Construction of a Recreation Park for the Public

With social sustainability in mind, FOUR PARX planned and built a 4 ha park for public use. The facility was handed over to the city of Gross-Gerau following completion on 31/3/2021 and serves as a recreational area for citizens. In addition, the construction of cycle paths and walking trails as well as a playground with hanging bars, a seesaw, and climbing net etc. has created a new city park which, among other things, sustainably improves the quality of life of the residents.

Development and Construction of a Basketball Court

At the Cologne-Wesseling site, FOUR PARX was responsible for the development and construction of modern workspaces including a compensation area for employees of the fashion and e-commerce company Snipes.

The result was a 28,000 sq m modern business park (2017) which included a basketball court for employees to use during their breaks.