With space in metropolitan areas becoming increasingly scarce, the industry needs compact solutions to allow for the maximum use of floor space. These concepts must also meet the key goals of cities and communities and promote the sustainable development and strengthening of the respective business locations.

One particular focus of FOUR PARX’s services is the future-oriented and, more importantly, sustainable planning and development of needs-based space concepts for trade, industry and value-added logistics.

With the development goals of cities and communities in mind, FOUR PARX plans the profiling of existing commercial areas as well as the development of new, needs-based space offers which are also accepted by citizens.

Increasing transportation and political objectives give rise to special conditions that must be accepted as challenges by developers. It’s all about thinking outside the box to come up with new ideas. FOUR PARX thinks and acts ahead of the market to design innovative, contemporary properties and space concepts within the framework of market requirements.

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