Moor Revitalisation

In addition to measures such as the construction of a wall lizard habitat and the creation of a 2 ha skylark plot, FOUR PARX, together with the Central Brandenburg Landscape Conservation Association, is financing the moor revitalisation and water retention of 20,000 sq m of moorland to bind more than 350t of CO₂ as ecological compensation for the sealing of this area.

This property also fulfils the catalogue of criteria for the Gold Certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).



Renaturation of 17 ha of pond systems in order to stop the progressive silting up of these areas and to sustainably ensure the preservation of the bird sanctuary.

FOUR PARX commissioned BG Natur to restore the entire area of the 17 ha pond landscape. Extensive earthworks have been carried out on all four ponds with the aim of increasing the supply of periodically flowing and fish-free bodies of water, developing reed beds and wet ruderal areas, maintaining and deepening the wet hollows near the stream and introducing wood and sand piles to improve the habitat capacity for sand lizards and amphibians. Furthermore, the course of the adjacent millstream was diverted and thus the fresh water supply of the ponds was sustainably secured.