FOUR PARX’s managing directors place great importance on sustainable business management. In particular, this includes corporate values, brand strategy and management and control processes.

In addition to risk and return, ESG is a key criterion in investment decisions. Environmental due diligence is carried out even during the process of acquiring sites or existing properties in order to check the property’s suitability for long-term, sustainable use. The focus here is on location, user comfort and energy efficiency.

At FOUR PARX, regular exchanges between the management board and the leadership team ensure that ESG aspects always remain in focus. We evaluate our ESG activities on a regular basis and consider the management of these criteria to be a process of continuous improvement.

It is the responsibility of the entire FOUR PARX business group to adhere to the compliance guidelines. The management board must ensure that these rules are observed by all employees in their respective areas of responsibility. This requires the extensive education of employees regarding the compliance guidelines, both personally and organizationally.

FOUR PARX GmbH’s management board is responsible for ensuring that defined standards are implemented within the company in accordance with the rules.

FOUR PARX GmbH requires every employee to behave ethically. This includes fair and respectful interactions between individual employees and the showing of mutual respect, regardless of gender, background, or role.

FOUR PARX GmbH is known in the market for its incorruptibility. We distance ourselves from any form of corruption and actively counteract it with transparent corporate processes. FOUR PARX compliance prohibits the acceptance of gifts in money or in kind, invitations, donations, consultancy contracts or other benefits.

FOUR PARX encourages fair competition. We manufacture high-quality products at fair market prices and impress clients, tenants and business partners with our expertise. Unlawful agreements that restrict competition, as well as cartel agreements, are rejected.

The employment of internal and external staff in the company is carried out exclusively in compliance with legal regulations. In this respect, we not only take ourselves to task, but also our business partners. We stand for fairness and reflect this by issuing legally compliant contracts and lawful wages.

The safeguarding of intellectual property is ensured through comprehensive data protection agreements. Any disclosure of internal company data, processes or projects is strictly forbidden.

Our corporate guidelines ensure respectful, fair and loyal interactions with one another. Any form of discrimination is prohibited. The discrimination or harassment of individual employees on the basis of their background, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ideology will not be tolerated in any way.

Any violation of FOUR PARX GmbH’s compliance guidelines must be reported immediately and will result in legal action. It is the duty of every FOUR PARX employee to comply with the established guidelines.