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With each project, we calculate the size of the social and environmental footprint we leave behind. In retrospect, we can be proud of our projects and use them as references.

For FOUR PARX, this means developing conceptual specifications at an early stage, planning them carefully and implementing them sustainably. We work closely on our processes and working methods and expand our network with external expert consultants, certification bodies as well as planning partners for solutions and the implementation of our clearly outlined, long-term goals:

  • Construction of sustainable real estate
  • Implementation of climate-scientific environmental concepts with measurable factors regarding biodiversity, greening concepts and offsetting measures
  • Smart Work solution for the creation of modern working environments
  • High-quality, durable and recyclable materials
  • Sustainability control of partners within the supply chain
  • Preparation of e-mobility supply
  • Integration of renewable and alternative energy supply

With biodiversity in mind, we develop measures at an early stage to avoid or compensate for any encroachment on flora and fauna as well as the landscape and cityscape to the best of our ability. These include greening concepts, stormwater management, species conservation and promotion of biodiversity, reducing noise pollution, particulate matter binding and evaporative cooling.

We develop site-specific concepts together with universities, landscape architects and nature consultants. We are often able to show local authorities how to increase environmental efficiency through, for example, renaturation measures, reforestation or the development of new, sustainable greening concepts.


We build our properties to have a useful life of approximately 40 years. They therefore have to be planned in a way that enables our tenants to work economically and successfully during the whole life cycle.

For our investors, it is important to plan carefully and sustainably to ensure that the use of a property will last without economic deterioration over the life of the building. It is also crucial that we create a pleasant working environment for our tenants’ employees and gain acceptance for our projects in the existing environment.

Building blocks of sustainability:

  • Choice of suitable locations
  • Flexible use concept to serve a wide range of industries
  • Flexible construction (low opportunity costs e.g. a change of tenant)
  • Sustainable construction (“Cradle to Cradle”)
  • Energy-efficient concepts for technical building equipment

Pollutant-free, recyclable, removable compounds.

The focus here is on the use of raw materials after use. Precious resources should not be wasted but rather used again. FOUR PARX works with companies such as EPEA which specializes in mapping real estate in a complete value cycle. Among other things, FOUR PARX therefore creates a highly ecological and economic added value for all properties.

Consumer goods are part of a technical cycle. The “technical nutrients” circulate in closed systems at a consistently high quality level.

The requirements for heating and cooling technology in commercial properties are more diverse. FOUR PARX brings ecology and economy in harmony as early as the planning phase:

  • Plannable and economical operating cost structure
  • Guarantee of maximum operational reliability
  • Good indoor climate for customers and employees
  • CO₂ neutrality

Alongside building greening as a structural energy measure, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving CO₂ neutrality in commercial operations and high-quality certifications from DGNB or BREEAM. FOUR PARX works with energy suppliers on solutions for the future to implement site-independent concepts such as photovoltaic and geothermal systems as standards.

FOUR PARX is constantly working on developing sustainable and ecological concepts. Together with professional associations, green farmers and institutes, we work on models with a focus on “green building” and therefore follow current trends. With biodiversity in particular in mind, we develop measures at an early stage to avoid or compensate, to the best of our ability, for any encroachment on nature, landscape or cityscape. These include stormwater management, green roofs, infiltration solutions, biodiversity conservation and promotion, reducing noise pollution and evaporate cooling. In summary, we place great importance on improving the urban climate through ecological concepts.


Sustainability, or ecology, plays an increasingly important role in the development and establishment of commercial real estate and logistics properties. This topic has become more and more important due to the current environmental trend and strong political influences within communities. FOUR PARX takes sustainability and ecological aspects into account and actively promotes them in all five of its standard products. The specific measures mainly include a resource-saving construction process, for example through brownfield use, energy-saving technology, new mobility, and sustainable ecological biodiversity concepts.

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