Four Parx Weiterstadt, Germany

In the heart of the Rhine-Main area, in the Weiterstadt business park, a modern business park is boing to be built including various multi-user halls. Due to the flexible construction method, the usable area of the business park is attractive for a broad and versatile target group.

Weiterstadt: Location and accessibility

The commercial area is centrally located in the heart of the Rhine-Main area. The North, South and West commercial areas, as well as the proximity to the city centers of Weiterstadt and Frankfurt International Airport, have a supra-regional significance as a commercial hub. Well-known companies such as Seat, Skoda, Coty, Segmüller, Merck, Software AG and Evonik have shaped this location for many years. The retail and wholesale markets (Loop5, Metro), as well as many local suppliers, are also located here.

Equipment and quality

Innovation and modernity: This future business park in the Weiterstadt business park combines both characteristics and, thanks to DGNB Gold certification, meets all the requirements for modern and sustainable construction methods and a future-proof infrastructure. The property will be divisible into three construction phases and has hall areas from approx. 370 sqm to approx. 3,100 sqm, which are ideal for small and medium-sized companies.