The industrial estate of the city of Kriftel is centrally located in the Rhine-Main area. A new logistics and industrial park was built here with a central connection to the motorway network around Frankfurt. Flexible use, divisibility, low operating costs and sustainability were the main features of this construction project and product.

Rent industrial space in several rental areas with state-of-the-art technology

This property was subleased into several rental areas with state-of-the-art building services. The gallery floors are 7.00-12.00 m deep and can be flexibly developed as storage, service or office space according to the tenant’s wishes. The high building insulation reduces temperatures in summer and heating costs in winter. The construction work complies with the DGNB Gold Standard (German Sustainable Building Council). The investor is FOURPARX.

Facilities and Quality

  • Modern sprinkler system (VDS/EFSR)
  • Height 10.50 m / Storage height 9.60 m
  • Floor loading capacity 5 t/sqm
  • Support grid 24.00 m wide x 12.00 m deep
  • WKG floor possible on lessee request
  • Infrared dark radiator 17 °C
  • Minimum of one loading gate per 1,000 sqm with electro-hydraulically adjustable dock levelers
  • 1 ground-level gate per rental unit (4.50 m high and 4.00 m wide)
  • Loading area depth 35.00 m


Kriftel is characterized by its central location in the Rhine-Main region. The town is located on the route between Wiesbaden, the Hessian state capital, and the business metropolis of Frankfurt am Main. The town borders directly on the Main metropolis and is itself a location with a high proportion of industrial jobs. The Kriftel industrial estates are used by companies such as Castolin Eutectic (gases) or HP Velotechnik (bicycles), which benefit from the good infrastructure and transport connections. The site is located within sight of the BAB 66, the Rhein-Main-Schnellweg in the Vordertaunus. The centres of Frankfurt and Wiesbaden are only 20 km and 10 minutes by car away. To the “Krifteler Dreieck” only 1 km distance as well as to the international airport Frankfurt am Main only 7 minutes by car (approx. 10 km). The S-Bahn station Kriftel can be reached on foot in 5 minutes, where the S 2 runs between Niedernhausen and Frankfurt.