FOUR PARX at Logix Dinner


For the sixth time already, the Logistics Real Estate Initiative (Logix) brought together the leading companies and minds in the sector for an exclusive event on the first evening of EXPO REAL on 8 October 2018: in 2013, it presented the Logix Award for the outstanding logistics real estate development of the past two years for the first time.  In the award-free years, the focus is more on informal exchange and networking.

From the very beginning, there was a great deal of interest in the event as part of EXPO REAL, with well over 100 personalities taking part. The various market participants are united by the desire to give logistics companies in municipalities, business development agencies and society something of a “welcome culture”. This is necessary because there is too little space for logistics in the municipalities and hotspot regions.

And it is desirable because logistics properties are far better than their popular reputation. Logix has been able to clear up some prejudices and misunderstandings in the three studies it has initiated. Interested parties can download the three studies free of charge here.

One can only wish that as many local councils, business promoters, decision-makers and citizens as possible use this information.

Logix will continue its work with dialogue offers, the award ceremony and other studies. Well over 30 supporters, cooperation partners and media partners support the activities. You will find all the information on which these are on the website. Have a look!