GG Rhein-Main:
Case study for successful revitalization

FOUR PARX GG Rhein-Main is an example of successful revitalization
With the development of the GG Rhein-Main Logistics Park as part of a revitalization project, we aim to create holistic added value for the community of Gross-Gerau. Footage: Reproduction only in connection with reporting on FOUR PARX free of charge, copyright notice: FOUR PARX Holding GmbH.

The GG Rhein-Main industrial and logistics park was realized by FOUR PARX, Dreieich, as a project developer. It is part of the revitalization of a former Südzucker AG site in the municipality of Groß-Gerau, Hesse.

FOUR PARX developed around 120,000 sqm of commercial space in Groß-Gerau for several users such as TB International, Gorilla Sports, Müller Lila Logistik, Lufthansa Cargo, DSV Road, Maxstore and FF Europe on a 30 hectare site. The business and logistics park has excellent transport connections and is only 20 km away from Frankfurt Airport, Germany’s largest cargo airport.

For the GG Rhein-Main project, the developer FOUR PARX took particularly noteworthy measures to ensure the social and ecological sustainability of the commercial and logistics center.

Thus, the project of revitalization includes …

  • a 40,000 sqm park landscape including various cycle and hiking paths as well as a playground,
  • and a free 779 sqm area for the extension of a kindergarten.

In addition to FOUR PARX’s compliance with the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) requirements regarding ecologic materials, the sustainability-oriented project focuses above all on the large-scale renaturation of ponds and the newly created park to protect and conserve local flora and fauna.

In this context, the following should be emphasized:

  • The realization of a 13,500 square meter lizard habitat for the approximately 1,200 specimens of the resident Wall Lizard (Podacis muralis),
  • the renaturation of a 170,000 sqm pond,
  • as well as the development of a 3,000 sqm flowering strip

to sustain the population of the local skylark. Flowering strips are also used as an important instrument against insect mortality.

The extensive catalog of renaturation measures for the partially contaminated brownfield areas has ensured the preservation of habitats for a number of different animal and plant species as well as the ecological revitalization of the local bird sanctuary.

FOUR PARX developed the GG Rhein-Main project with the aim of creating holistic added value for the area, the city and the residents. In addition to the environmental and social aspects, this includes extensive work to reduce noise emissions. Furthermore, we developed an own traffic concept with the aim of optimal supply of the commercial and logistics center while at the same time relieving the residents.

After a construction phase of about two years and the completion of the project at the beginning of 2019, all plans and specifications of the land use planning were successfully implemented on schedule and within budget. The site is currently 95 % let.

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