FOUR PARX builds
215,000 sqm, two-storey, close to the city centre


EXPO REAL was a complete success for FOUR PARX. It was the right time and the right place to announce our new strategy and direction. Specifically, our announcement to begin construction of three multi-storey logistics properties in German conurbations close to the city centre in 2019, which will be ready for occupancy in 2020, attracted a great deal of interest. At three locations in the Rhine-Main region and northern Germany, a total of 215,000 sqm of commercial and logistics space with office and social space will be developed on two floors. The total investment amounts to around 300 million euros.

The discussions at the trade fair have confirmed that the time has definitely come for multi-storey commercial and logistics space in Germany as well.

Serving the massive demand for space close to the city centre

Studies assume that by 2025 there will be a demand of around 30 million square metres of logistics space in Germany close to the city centre. We will meet the high demand and the increasing demands of users with the speculative project development of standardized concepts.

We are building multi-storey buildings in inner cities and on selected sites. With rising land prices and scarcely available space, this is now also paying off in Germany, and this is how our new standardized offering looks like: It ranges from multi-storey commercial properties close to the city centre to large logistics parks at strategic motorway locations for logistics and city logistics, commercial and service enterprises, wholesale and retail, e-commerce and light industrial. This range covers five standardised concepts called “City”, “Urban”, “Mach 2”, “Connect” and “Global” – including multi-storey commercial and logistics properties with “City” and “Mach 2”.

Create logistics space close to city centre | MACH 2 to build multi-storey building