FOUR PARX is realigning itself


Logistics properties are in demand. The volume of new construction exceeds 3.5 million square meters of logistics space per year. Demand is even greater. City logistics in particular requires new, standardized solutions and new types of real estate. FOUR PARX has strategically aligned itself to the current market conditions.

The boom in the industry is facing challenges such as a shortage of land, a lack of construction capacity and lengthy approval procedures. This in turn stands in the way of short-term project implementation with guaranteed deadlines. This is why FOUR PARX has already acquired properties with an area of over one million square metres, is anticipating demand and is increasingly realising standardised real estate concepts on a speculative basis, i.e. without pre-letting. At good locations, standardised logistics space is leased as soon as it is on the market.

At the core of the realignment are five standardized concepts for the various types of logistics use. In this way, FOUR PARX is creating space available at short notice for logistics and city logistics, commercial and service companies, wholesale and retail, e-commerce and light industrial. The new concepts named CITY, URBAN, MACH2, CONNECT and GLOBAL can be flexibly divided according to the requirements of use.

The realignment of FOUR PARX is based on a long-term strategy that enables us to anticipate the challenges in the market and further develop future-oriented concepts. A high degree of standardization and digitization, as well as the FOUR PARX team with more than 20 employees, which has grown in the meantime, enable us to meet the changing requirements of the market.

Standardized real estate concepts | FOUR PARX strategic realignment